Quick Production Process (Q.P.P)
New & Innovative ways of designing, fabricating, assembling of Mould.

Mould system consists of :
• Re-usable mould base
• Re-usable ejector system
• Direct cooling system
• Simplified cavity insert and side core system

New concept that shorten lead time, enhanced flexibility & cost saving.

The conventional method of designing, fabricating, assembling and testing complete set of mould for plastic injection moulding require long lead-time and high development costs. This costs cannot be waived as it is the crucial step leading towards mass production. In addition, each mould designed and fabricated cannot be re-used for other parts or components. Such cavity inserts for complex plastic parts are intricate and difficult to manufacture.

To overcome these problems and difficulties, 3D group of companies which has over a decade of mould making experience adopted the concept of Quick Production Process System (QPP). This concept make use of re-usable mould base, re-usable ejector system, a direct cooling system and a simplified cavity insert which helps to reduce cost tremendously.

For this proven process, 3D group has been awarded the Research & Development Assistance Scheme Award by A-Star (formerly known as NTSB).


For the Advantages:
Total cost reduction 30% as compared to conventinal tooling
Lead time shorten by 30%
Alterations allowed as compared to conventional method where it is more restrictive
Overall improvement in cost, leadtime and flexibility means higher productivity and cost saving method of production
Act as bridging tool from product development to actual mass production

Cost structure of QPP:

The customer will only pay for the inserts, the mould base will be charged if the customer decided to transfer the inserts to a permanent mould base for mass production if the design of the product allows for such transfer.
Who will find QPP helpful and cost effective?
Customer looking for low production quantity and too expensive to go for conventional tooling
Customer testing market for new products
Research & Development which requires high quantity of prototypes

View Q.P.P Samples here